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Mental - Learning to regulate the chatter box

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Mind4Emotions: Training

Personalized Training
One on One with Parrish!  Work directly with Parrish to build your personalized emotional strength and conditioning plan based on your unique ESi Athlete's Assessment. Parrish guarantees he can impact your stats and performance.

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Emotional Workouts

Designed specifically for Crossfit trainers and competitors.  Check out these daily emotional workouts to condition your mental and emotional skills for critical decision making under pressure.

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April 17th - Task Analysis 003.1.7 (Knowing the person)

Coaches Challenge

This Online Boot Camp is designed for Coaches featuring: The latest findings on the brain, documentary clips and excerpts from subject matter experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience.

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Public Workshops:

A live "Lunch & Learn" workshop followed by a book signing and interactive open forum with Parrish. Find out where Parrish will be an reserve your seating now for this live interactive workshop.

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Here you will find the latest products from Pt and new website features.

New book releases, DVD's and Podcasts will all be displayed as they become available.

  • Video Coach On Demand: Listen and learn from PT as he uses Hollywood movie clips to highlight key lesson objectives
  • Members Only PortalWe consider our website a "learning tool" that empowers us to continue updating and publishing new learning material on a regular basis.

Mental - Regulating the Chatter

What you do not know will hurt you!

Your chatter-box is running all the time; learn these five (5) critical thinking skills to combat toxic thoughts and regulate disruptive emotions. It’s your chatter-box that holds you back, it’s your responsibility to take control it.

Features:  Latest findings on the brain, remarks from subject matter experts, five critical thinking skills (transferable)

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Emotional Maturity Oct 2014

"Emotional Maturity" - due out late in 2014 will be a simple approach to better understanding of immature thoughts and emotions.

The book will feature a new nine (9) point framework that will identify immature thoughts and emotions.  Most importantly, how to identify these behaviors in others to prevent from falling into the "immaturity mirror".

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M.E.T. Video Overview for Coaches & Athletes

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